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Greetings. You've reached Clu's comm. I'm not available to answer at the moment so please leave a message in the inbox, and I'll get back to you. Thanks.
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01- Arrival

10- A few questions

Meeting Wheeljack

Log: Meeting the Giant

Flowers and a hobbit 

Log: Wedding crashing

Concern for Crocker

Love advice from Antoine

11- Energy Spring

Log: Bitty Loki

Tiny birdy Akito

Log: At the museum with Yugi/Yami and V

Meeting Nita

Meeting Leanne

A brief chat with Baymax

Crystal memory tree of Suzaku Kururugi

Discovering that he has to Bend back functions

Language discussion and more with Jane Foster

Meeting a moon cat

Log: Attempting to unlock functions

Bad Ending Storm- Wheeljack

Bad Ending Storm- Piper

Bad Ending Storm- Scott Summers

Log: Bad Ending Storm- The Sanity Train to Helix

Bad Ending Storm- Marin

Bad Ending Storm- Ghost

Bad Ending Storm- Brief chat with Frigga

100- Bad Ending Storm- Waiting at the gate

Log: Bad Ending Storm- Hiding out in Helix

101- Aftermath and a new User

Hanging out with Rung

Bending talk with Milton Dammers

Talking reality storms with Lucas

Pudding Time with Calex

Talking about a meeting with Nash

Attempting to calm Crocker when Sonic is hurt

Log: Visiting Crocker a bit later

Log: Big discussion meeting, chats with Nott and Crocker

110 Giving away accidentally Bent crystals

Brief chat with Antoine about Relius' dickishness

Witnessing Annie's... self discovery

Tracking Annie afterwards, meeting up with Rex and V

Talking with Relius from a safe distance

Drunk kissing lessons from Areva and Klement

Log: Meeting Drill Boy

Log: Hanging with Wheeljack at Lilo's luau

Snarking with Irene about Arcas

Log: Discoveries in Arcas arcade

Congratulating Scott on his Angelii upgrade

In which Leanne isn't fooling him for a nano

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(Happy Tronsday, everyone! :D And thanks to Kes for beta-ing this little thing. :) Hope you enjoy it because there will most likely be sequels!)


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The Cuddle Meme | My thread

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Anybody who got birthday reminders for me today... I didn't realize when I made the account that LJ sent out birthday reminders, and, since this is an RP account, I put Clu's estimated 'birthday' instead. Then I kinda forgot about it... >.>

So, yeah... Heh-heh... Sorry about the mix-up. ^_^' My profile has since been corrected to reflect my *actual* birthday.  If you sent me a message today, you need not do so then. ;-)
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Still haven't found that file yet, but I did find this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NzRWXn5KNFI

Not sure what it's about, but it's pretty interesting. Maybe something to play next time I have a lull on a long mission.
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Still no luck finding that file for Flynn yet. And to make matters worse, it seems that ol' Master Control has increased the number of patrols lately. *sigh* Bit and I'll have to be careful next time we're sent out. Still, this is a top-priority function, and I won't let my User down.
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